Hi Shelby “Mothergoose” Brown here and welcome to my blog on toys. I guess you can say I’m a child at heart. From the board game Life to a Slinky to the Barbie doll makeup head, toys and playing with them can take you to another place, and escape from the ordinary.

If you have children, then you know that you can give them their favorite toy and they will be occupied for a while. I think that toys stimulate the senses and heights curiosity. There is no better joy than seeing a child’s face light up when a toy glows or speaks or makes any types of noise or sound.

Even as an adult, I will let you in on a little secret: when Christmas rolls around, I get excited and go through every page of the “Christmas Toy Book.” I tell myself it is to look at toys for my grandchildren, but if I am honest, I am looking at toys I might enjoy myself. Boy, I’ll tell you: toys sure have progressed over the years. Nowadays, if you handed a child a slinky, they would look at you like you’re crazy.

But what hasn’t changed is a child’s excitement of RECEIVING a toy. And that is the bottom line.